Watched Fame yesterday, on an April Fools’ Day. The movie was probably the day’s joke.

Oh boy, was this really terrible! And to think I rarely use  that word to describe movies I’ve seen. A movie can either be generic or shallow in content but  could still have some  form of entertainment value, like the vast majority of Hollywood flicks out there.  Whereas some unconventional cinema can oftentimes be too twisted, I couldn’t quite follow its drift. But probably because of the weirdness, it maintains its appeal.

So what constitutes “terrible” anyway?

Terrible is when you don’t even have to work out a few brain cells to understand the plot but end up still not getting the movie. I mean, I won’t necessarily call a stupid movie a terrible movie for the very reason that I know that it’s a stupid movie and it shows on screen. At the very least, it’s consistent.

But when a movie showcases itself as big and as intense as the desire of a performance artist (mind you, a PERFORMANCE artist!) to perfect his art, to achieve fame, and then just flatlines like a lump of lifeless mass the entire two hours worth of screen time – it’s unforgivable. Borrowing from American Idol lingo, the closest thing to having a “moment” in this movie, out of all the song and dance production numbers, was when Naturi Naughton sang “Out Here On My Own”. That was it.

For a material that talks about people having big ambitions, the characters lacked depth, emotion, and substance. The script was just poorly written. Everyone was paper-thin. You could have found more passion, ambition, and greatness watching Step Up 2.

Consider this one a rip-off of the High School Musical trilogy except that this had zero chances of achieving the same amount of fame. As for the original, I haven’t seen it but I’m sure it was great. Its remake was a disaster though.

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