There’s one in all of us

Fancy a scream?

There’s one in all of us –

A child who couldn’t make sense of the world that surrounds you.

A hollow feeling, a sense of brokenness that remains undefined.

A desire to disappear and escape,

To tear things down ‘coz maybe it could fix things.

To punch holes into trees ‘coz maybe it could make you feel whole again.

Like some form of violent energy will make transference possible.

‘Coz you feel like imploding though you know better that it’s physically impossible.

So you find a way to explode instead.

Loneliness can be as vast as the universe itself yet your body can keep it prisoner.

You and loneliness, in one body, imagine that?

I have never gone to a shrink session before but some people say that watching Spike Jonze’s Where The Wild Things Are somewhat feels like that. I guess I would have to agree.

It understands your loneliness, your pain, without questioning the validity of your feelings. Rather, it just lets you be. It does not offer any resolutions, just acceptance – knowing that people sometimes must first learn how to deal with themselves.

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