Lloyd Dobler, where are you?

Twenty years ago, a guy thought of wooing a girl by camping outside her house, hoisting a boom box over his head, blaring Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes.

The guy was John Cusack, and it was in this 80’s movie Say Anything.

This scene was just classic. I’ve never seen the movie until a few days back but I have always known about this John Cusack boom box gesture. I don’t really remember how I knew about it, I just did – like it’s common knowledge.

I guess it is that iconic.

And I find this really amazing because come to think of it, everything about the scene was very basic. No dialogues, no special effects, no breathtaking scenery, no altercations, no tears. There was just this guy – a basic guy,  as Ione Skye’s character described him on their first date. He wore his heart out on his sleeve, and declared his love in a song. Well, the boom box did seem heavy but pretty much, that was it. Simple as it is though, it was very eloquent and right on target. A perfect moment – one that girls would surely want to experience and one that boys would want to copy, without worrying about the act being “uncool”.

It’s your usual love story. Boy and girl are polar opposites. The girl’s a mega-achiever who feels alienated from her peers. The guy’s a bit of a slacker but one who is smart, funny, kind, devoted, and noble. He shows her a world outside the confines of the prestigious academe. He shows her how to belong. They fall in love, put in the parental factor and some other conflict to break them up, but they eventually kiss and make up.

Again, the general plot is basic. But Cameron Crowe’s script is refreshing even after twenty years. There is something about this movie, and in all of his other films that I love, that is very truthful and earnest, minus the overkill. I loved how everything just seems to be falling into place – not rushed nor dragged, but naturally believable. That when they started to say that they love each other, they’re just mere affirmations.

I also loved the lines – a bit nerdy, a bit quirky, but never trying too hard to be anything.  Just to give you a sample, from now on, my definition of a date would be a prearrangement, with a possibility for love.

Music. I will always wonder how Cameron Crowe knew that Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes is the perfect song to play for that monumental boom box scene.

And of course, I loved John Cusack as Lloyd Dobler. Every girl wants to be with him, and every guy wants to be him.

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