So tell me, what can one do in 525,600 minutes?

Let’s play some numbers game this 2010, shall we? This year, I challenge myself to a number of tasks in lieu of the personal objectives I’ve set for the year as stated in 2010 is… page. They say everything happens when you turn 25, and 2010 is that year for me. I’m about to experience the so-called “pivotal” one – And I’m gonna make sure that it lives up to the hype!

It starts with a call to action, and this game will set the ball rolling.

Thus, by the end of 2010, I would have…

  • 600 Friends in Facebook
  • 180 Films seen
  • 180 Film reviews written
  • 8 Novels read
  • 8 Book reviews written
  • 24 Music Album reviews written
  • 12 Music Playlist uploaded at 8tracks
  • 8 Art Exhibitions attended
  • 12 Concerts/Gigs attended
  • 2 Stage Plays attended
  • 1 Major out of town vacation trip
  • 4 Minor out of town vacation trips
  • 27 Academic Units finished
  • ___ Bank Savings

A page, labeled as Tabs on 2010, will be maintained to summarize the progress for each task, while detailed documentation will just be all over the place. So much to happen and so much to do this 2010. The year holds much promise, I am just eager to bite into it.

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